Best Roads to Drive on in the UK

Best Road To Drive

If you love driving on the open road, then there are the best roads to drive in the UK. The Welsh Border in the country near the Severn Valley is a great place to go for a drive. There are plenty of beautiful views and farming country along this region, with limestone outcrops towering over small fields. You will also see rivers meandering through forests and around hills. In this part of the UK, you will feel like you are in another world.


In the UK, the roads are renowned for their spectacular scenery. Devil’s Bridge is a particularly impressive stretch of road. The twisty and narrow road winds through the Cambrian Mountains and ends in Rhayader. The area is home to the largest concentration of pubs per head of population in the country. Moreover, the road is resurfaced in 2014, so drivers can expect some great views from the top.

This road is so scenic and beautiful that Richard Parks described it as one of the best in the world and the UK. You can visit the Elan Valley, which is home to several mighty dams and reservoirs, and explore the area’s abundant wildlife. As a bonus, you can stay in one of the Mid Wales Holiday Let Apartments along the way. It’s also the perfect setting for a road race, featuring a 20-mile course around the Rheidol Gorge.

Taking a road trip through Mid Wales is a fantastic experience. The scenery is spectacular and there’s plenty of opportunity to take memorable snaps. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll never be short of memorable images along the way. And don’t forget to pack your camera – the mountain road between Rhayader and Devil’s Bridge is one of the best roads to drive on in the UK.

Llanberis Pass

Llanberis Pass is a five-mile stretch of road that winds through Snowdonia between the mountains of Snowdon and Glyderau. It starts in Llanberis and continues to Pen-y-Pass. The road itself isn’t especially challenging, though it does have a slight incline and few places to pull over. If you’d prefer to walk, the town of Llanberis is located at the base of Llanberis Pass.

One of the best roads in the UK is Llanberis Pass. This mountain pass has a 60mph speed limit and is lined with waist-high walls. The road is so narrow that passing is difficult, and the rocks often block the road during winter. Drivers should be aware of this, but it’s well worth the trip. It offers breathtaking scenery and is a great test of skill.

The A82, Scotland’s second-longest primary road, is the best stretch of road in the country. It stretches between Tyndrum and Ballachulish and skirts the western fringes of Rannoch Moor. Llanberis Pass is also possibly the best road in Wales. And if you’re looking for some spectacular road driving in England, try the five-and-a-half-mile C road in the Yorkshire Dales. Jeremy Clarkson once dubbed it as England’s best road!

North York Moors

If you’re looking for the best roads in the UK, look no further than the North York Moors. The region’s dramatic landscape and dark skies make for a memorable driving experience. From the picturesque town of Whitby to the dark skies of Hutton-le-Hole, there are endless ways to make your way around the region. There are also several ways to explore the area’s rich history and culture.

Start in pre-medieval York and drive north through heather-capped moors and chocolate box villages. You’ll also pass through fishing towns with connections to famous authors. Travel from York through Helmsley, Danby, and Goathland, a Victorian town that served as the backdrop for the Harry Potter films. The North York Moors are also home to several National Trust properties, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Year and the National Trust’s Ripon Castle.

For longer routes, the B1248 from Beverley to Malton is the ideal route. This road is usually clear, though on busy days, expect to face a 20-mile queue. In off-peak hours, it’s easy to find an uncongested route. The B1248 is an excellent country road. It’s also a great starting point if you’re looking for some adventure.

Buttertubs Pass

There are some very scenic drives in the UK. Buttertubs Pass in Yorkshire is one of them. It passes through the towns of High Shaw and Simonstone, and Hawes. It’s a steep road, and can be a challenge in poor weather. More than a few people have lost their lives on this road. It also includes a ten-mile detour to May’s shop, one of the highest in England.

If you’ve never driven on this road, you’re missing out on one of England’s most spectacular drives. You have to drive through the Yorkshire Dales, where the scenery is simply amazing. Buttertubs Pass is located in the historic county of Yorkshire. It’s the only’spectacular’ road in the UK, according to TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson. The road’s name comes from the limestone potholes that appear on the road. Farmers used to lower butter into the potholes, so it’s not a bad route for a day of driving.

Buttertubs Pass is located in the Yorkshire Dales and has been featured on Top Gear and Clarkson’s Car Years. The road offers incredible views and is steep. A wrong move can send you spinning through the railing or off the side of a cliff face. This road is also infamous for the spectacular panoramas it offers. However, it’s best avoided during snowy weather.

Porlock Hill

Porlock Hill is a hill in the English county of Somerset that is said to be the steepest road in the country. The road is on the A39, which connects Porlock to Lynmouth and Barnstaple. The road rises 725 feet in a mile and features 1 in 4 gradient. The steepness of the hill is a good thing, as it provides breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

The A39, which straddles the borders of Devon and Exmoor, is the best road for a scenic drive on Porlock Hill. The road has a high number of hairpins and chicanes, and is suitable for all types of vehicles. There is no need to worry about driving too fast – it’s a technical road! Once you’re on the hill, you’ll be surprised by how steep it is and enjoy the stunning views of Wales from high above.

There are many scenic drives in the region. A drive through Devon’s countryside is a treat, with views of the sea and rolling hills. Travelling through the pristine moorlands in the north will give you a chance to see a variety of wildlife, including red squirrels and wolves. You can also enjoy wildlife viewing in North Devon. The Dunkery and Homer Wood National Nature Reserve, which begins in Dunster, travels through Alperton and continues to the Valley of the Rocks.

Isle of Man Snaefell Mountain Road

A thirteen mile stretch of tarmac on the Isle of Man stretches up to 422 metres above sea level. It features gradients of up to 14 per cent and countless tight bends and sheer drops. In addition, the road is the route of the Isle of Man TT. If you love speed, you’ll love driving on this road! In fact, the Isle of Man is home to some of the UK’s most thrilling roads.

The Isle of Man Snaefell mountain road is one of the UK’s most beautiful roads. It starts out with a tight left-hand hairpin bend, and climbs steadily up a mountainside. The island’s liberal road traffic laws add to the sense of freedom. During a rainy season, drivers may encounter heavy rain and windstorms, so they should avoid driving on the road.

After descending from the summit, drivers can enjoy the view of the island’s valleys. The Sulby valley is a popular spot for hill walking, and the road winds up a glen resembling an alpine landscape. During certain seasons, sheep may wander across the road. However, once the glen opens up and the views of Snaefell come into view, the road becomes relatively flat and easy to drive.

Black Mountain Pass

If you are planning a road trip, one of the best routes you can take is the Black Mountain Pass. This spectacular drive takes you through the stunning scenery of Wales’ Brecon Beacons. You’ll see beautiful valleys and some of the highest hedges. You’ll also get to experience the winding road known as the Devil’s Staircase. The road is 20 miles long and one of the UK’s most scenic drives.

To experience the best of both worlds, take a trip to Wales and experience the legendary Black Mountain Pass. This 20 mile stretch of road is located in Brecon Beacons National Park and was made famous by BBC’s Top Gear. Today, over 13,000 people search for this route on YouTube. It takes about 40 minutes to drive the whole stretch. There are no better views in the UK than those offered by the Black Mountain.

The Black Mountain Pass features a series of sharp corners and hairpins, making it one of the most beautiful drives in the country. The pass is 1624ft above sea level, so make sure you arrive early and stay alert while driving. To drive safely, follow the signs and approach blind corners with caution. If you are going to drive on the Black Mountain Pass, it’s worth considering visiting during the summer.

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